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Before we get into the nitty gritty of donations let's play a bit of trivia... 

Question: Do you know who likes free beer? 

Answer: Everyone.

Living The Dream loves being a part of this community and giving back whenever we can, and thank you for the nod in our direction as you are planning your big event! We receive hundreds of requests requesting donations. We would LOVE to be able to help everyone with their event fundraising but we just can't do it. Well we could, but we would quickly go out of business.

Read on to see if we're a good match for your cause.

  • Your donation request must be submitted at least 4 WEEKS before the event
  • We love charitable organizations! So get your 501(c) out and get ready to email it on over. 
    • "But wait! I'm not a charity and I still want to request beer & swag!"
    • Our selection process for donations is weighted toward charitable/non-profit organizations, so you can still apply but may not be selected
  • We are not currently making donations to schools, religious organizations or sports teams
  • We will contact you if your organization/event is selected for donations
  • ALL DONATION REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE BELOW.  Requests made in the taproom or over the phone will be redirected here. Please let our taproom folks get back to slingin' beer. They love beer, not paperwork!
  • Are you still reading this? If so, we might be a good match so go ahead and fill out the form below and we'll get back to you quicker than a photog at a  <insert your favorite celebrity here>  court sentencing. Just kidding, those photogs are superhero fast.
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