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FNG of the week: brian

This new section is dedicated to the new faces you are seeing around the brewery (F#*&^@ New Guys). We welcome these awesome people with open arms, and red hot sarcasm!

We would like to welcome Brian to our team here at LTD!


When Brian was young, he had his calling to be a Home Domestication teacher when he was at the fair with his family. He was very excited when he was called upon by the fair announcer to help birth a calf. The moment when he was shoulder deep in placenta, he realized how much he really loved sewing machines and wanted nothing to do with animals, or placenta.

In high school he mastered the art of designing custom loaves of bread in the likeness of his favorite celebrities. He also excelled at designing pot holders and was recognized by the National Home Ec. Society Association of American Homemakers (NHESAAH).


His work can be seen at the Rec. center on weekends; it's worth the time to go and take in the talent of his artful mind.


Mother's Day! $4 Mom-Beers

Crafty Mother's Day Event + $4 Mom Beers
Bring the kiddos with you and let them unleash their inner artists designing a custom frame for Mom on Mother's Day!

$15 dollars will get you a pint, picture frame, decorating materials, and quality Mom time. Mom will also be treated to $4 pints for the rest of the day!

To pre-purchase your kit visit our website here to sign up!


FNG's (new guys)

This blog post is dedicated to a new face you are seeing around the brewery, aka FNG's (F#*&^@ New Guys). We welcome Justin with open arms, and red hot sarcasm...

We would like to welcome Justin to our team here at LTD!

As you know we have had a few people leave this spring and we were really depressed about it until we met Justin and found out that gingers have magical powers.


In his free time, Justin loves attending Renaissance Festivals and moonlights as the Pixie Dust Spreader on the Tilt-A-Whirl. We thought this was ridiculous until he told us that he gets free cotton candy, for life.

He also told us that sometimes he likes to tattoo everything that he owns, including getting matching sleeves with his Newfoundland pup.  His pup did well with the tats, Justin however, cried like Justin Bieber at a Sport Clips.

Next time you're in ask Justin about the time he lost his soul and how he casts magical ginger spells on an unsuspecting patrons.

What is that thing on his face?

What is that thing on his face?


Cornhole tuesdays

Starting Tuesday night we're hosting a free weekly bracket cornhole tournament. Bring your best winningest-partner and take home an inflated ego and FREE BEER.

  • STARTING Tuesday, May 2nd @ 6pm
  • Show up a few miutes early to get registered
  • Every Tuesday night
  • Bring your best cornhole mate or come alone and get matched up with a total ringer that has never played before
  • Elimination bracket style, just like Villanova in the NCAA tourney
  • FREE BEER / Gift cards to winning teams
  • This is a great reason to drink beer