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80's Party Saturday August 23rd

You better start your thrift store shopping now. You only have 6 more days left to find a member's only jacket that fits you.

This Saturday is our inaugural 80's party. We will be rocking out all day in the taproom to everything 80's. At 8pm we are hosting a costume contest, where the top 3 winners get mass gift certificates and swag. Translation: you can win FREE BEER FOR WEARING SPANDEX IN PUBLIC. You heard us right. Dare to wear a unitard and you might just win equity in the brewery. 

At 3pm we are releasing the Stumbling Monk Imperial Belgian Chocolate Stout. This is its debut to the Highlands Ranch beer-world so if you show up at 3pm you will be one of the first people ever to taste it! Also, it's getting entered into GABF this fall.

But in all seriousness, this party is going to be at least as cool as the time Alf went partying at the nursing home.