Established in 2014 in Littleton, CO, Living The Dream Brewing Company is a local, craft brewery dedicated to the craft and our community. We aim to intersect active, outdoor lifestyles with craft beer.  We brew traditional styles and innovative recipes to provide a comprehensive craft beer experience.  At Living The Dream we focus on Great Beer, Great People, and Great Times!  

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Dog and family friendly!


The Polls Are Open!

Living The Dream has been named an official polling station for the upcoming election! Drop by the voting booth to cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice. As many of you know the election system is a very complex machine and our system at the brewery is no different. Our system involves excel spreadsheets, TPS reports, and urinal cakes. Actually, our system only involves urinal cakes... Our system however is flawed, because it only allows humans who pee standing up to cast ballots. We're not singling women out, we're strictly only allowing humans who pee standing up to vote. Sorry about that... 
Here's how voting works:
•    Pee on the candidate you want to lose
•    First candidate to run out of urinal cakes loses
•    Cakes can be referred to as Freedom Cakes if you wish 

vote 1.JPG