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Election Update

Voting Underway!
The polls have been incredibly busy since voting started last week. Here's what high ranking brewery analysts are saying about voting trends for each candidate.

Hillary Clinton - At first it seemed that Hillary was off to a strong lead but things have changed after the investigation into Hillary's emails has been reopened. Voters have also complained that while depositing their votes, Hillary seems to be mocking them by looking up and smiling which makes some voters uncomfortable. 

Donald Trump - Early voting had Donald behind in the polls and there's speculation that it's Donald's stance on immigration that is affecting votes. There's a large Belgian population at the brewery which may be leading to voters taking aim at Trump. 

Gary Johnson - There's been a surprisingly LARGE amount of votes for this 3rd party candidate. In fact, one loyal Johnson supporter took a massive vote for him on Friday night. It almost appeared that this supporter took 3 votes for their candidate. The vote was so large it actually broke the polling station which then took two brewery election officials to fix it. This might be surprising to some, but there are election forecasts that actually have Johnson coming from behind and finishing at number 2.

Here's how voting works:
•    Pee on the candidate you want to lose
•    First candidate to run out of urinal cake loses
•    Cakes can be referred to as Freedom Cakes if you wish