Established in 2014 in Littleton, CO, Living The Dream Brewing Company is a local, craft brewery dedicated to the craft and our community. We aim to intersect active, outdoor lifestyles with craft beer.  We brew traditional styles and innovative recipes to provide a comprehensive craft beer experience.  At Living The Dream we focus on Great Beer, Great People, and Great Times!  

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Dog and family friendly!


This week's shout out go to The Weather, because it blows

                               Weather blows.

                              Weather blows.

Hey Weather, Is It Something We Said?
We often write about regulars in our weekly email section called "Lies About Patrons" but we've neglected to write about a regular that's been with us since day one, "The Weather". While we do what we can to keep Weather happy, he's been one of our most difficult regulars. Weather has been unpredictable, emotional, and known to write poor Yelp reviews.

From day one, Weather has helped and hurt us. On opening day Weather decided to rain on our parade and poured outside. The rain kept some people in and many others out. After that, Weather seemed to enjoy coming to the brewery and was great on 2 trips to A-basin, our Winter Park trip, and was even great at our anniversary party. Unfortunately, Weather has been difficult lately. When we took Weather to A-basin this year, he decided to get sloppy and caused us to take 8 hours to get home. Now, Weather has decided to postpone the crawfish boil.

We're not really sure what we did, but if you see Weather please tell him we're sorry. When we said Weather had the emotional stability of a teenage girl we were only kidding. When we joked that Weather was as unpredictable as a Tinder date we didn't mean it. Anyway, if you see Weather tell him we're sorry and enough with the Yelp reviews, we know it's him.