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FNG's (new guys)

This blog post is dedicated to a new face you are seeing around the brewery, aka FNG's (F#*&^@ New Guys). We welcome Justin with open arms, and red hot sarcasm...

We would like to welcome Justin to our team here at LTD!

As you know we have had a few people leave this spring and we were really depressed about it until we met Justin and found out that gingers have magical powers.


In his free time, Justin loves attending Renaissance Festivals and moonlights as the Pixie Dust Spreader on the Tilt-A-Whirl. We thought this was ridiculous until he told us that he gets free cotton candy, for life.

He also told us that sometimes he likes to tattoo everything that he owns, including getting matching sleeves with his Newfoundland pup.  His pup did well with the tats, Justin however, cried like Justin Bieber at a Sport Clips.

Next time you're in ask Justin about the time he lost his soul and how he casts magical ginger spells on an unsuspecting patrons.

What is that thing on his face?

What is that thing on his face?