Established in 2014 in Littleton, CO, Living The Dream Brewing Company is a local, craft brewery dedicated to the craft and our community. We aim to intersect active, outdoor lifestyles with craft beer.  We brew traditional styles and innovative recipes to provide a comprehensive craft beer experience.  At Living The Dream we focus on Great Beer, Great People, and Great Times!  

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Dog and family friendly!


Outpaws Animal Rescue Giving Tree

You may notice the Christmas tree in the front of the taproom the next time your in the brewery. We've partnered with Outpaws Animal Rescue to help provide a great holiday season for some foster dogs and cats while searching for their forever homes. 

Each ornament on the tree has a picture of an animal available for adoption and a few small items that animal needs. If you'd like to help, just purchase the few items, return the items to the tree, and Outpaws and Santa will make sure these animals have a happy holiday season on the road to their forever homes. There is also a small donation box on the bar if you would like to contribute.

Some generous patrons have already helped make sure Shandy & Bernice have a merry Christmas!


Election Update

Voting Underway!
The polls have been incredibly busy since voting started last week. Here's what high ranking brewery analysts are saying about voting trends for each candidate.

Hillary Clinton - At first it seemed that Hillary was off to a strong lead but things have changed after the investigation into Hillary's emails has been reopened. Voters have also complained that while depositing their votes, Hillary seems to be mocking them by looking up and smiling which makes some voters uncomfortable. 

Donald Trump - Early voting had Donald behind in the polls and there's speculation that it's Donald's stance on immigration that is affecting votes. There's a large Belgian population at the brewery which may be leading to voters taking aim at Trump. 

Gary Johnson - There's been a surprisingly LARGE amount of votes for this 3rd party candidate. In fact, one loyal Johnson supporter took a massive vote for him on Friday night. It almost appeared that this supporter took 3 votes for their candidate. The vote was so large it actually broke the polling station which then took two brewery election officials to fix it. This might be surprising to some, but there are election forecasts that actually have Johnson coming from behind and finishing at number 2.

Here's how voting works:
•    Pee on the candidate you want to lose
•    First candidate to run out of urinal cake loses
•    Cakes can be referred to as Freedom Cakes if you wish


The Polls Are Open!

Living The Dream has been named an official polling station for the upcoming election! Drop by the voting booth to cast your ballot for the candidate of your choice. As many of you know the election system is a very complex machine and our system at the brewery is no different. Our system involves excel spreadsheets, TPS reports, and urinal cakes. Actually, our system only involves urinal cakes... Our system however is flawed, because it only allows humans who pee standing up to cast ballots. We're not singling women out, we're strictly only allowing humans who pee standing up to vote. Sorry about that... 
Here's how voting works:
•    Pee on the candidate you want to lose
•    First candidate to run out of urinal cakes loses
•    Cakes can be referred to as Freedom Cakes if you wish 

vote 1.JPG

Pumpkin Carving Sun. 10/23

It's that time of year again for our annual Pumpkin Carving party at the brewery! 

Join us on Sunday Oct. 23rd from 12-4pm for an epic afternoon of gourd carving! 

 We are so ready for November 9th.

We are so ready for November 9th.

Is your pumpkin going to be a email server 'genius' that wears intergalactic-looking-pant-suits? Or maybe it will cuddle with Russian leaders while contemplating its epic comb over? Who knows... maybe it will even give a truly bizarre interview on TV while biting its tongue?! 


There are only a few pumpkins left, so hurry before it's sold out! 


 Well, let's just hope it doesn't aspire to become a US senator and trade inappropriate notes under a public restroom stall.

Well, let's just hope it doesn't aspire to become a US senator and trade inappropriate notes under a public restroom stall.


Run for Drew 5K


Sunday Oct. 16th @ 9am

Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch, CO

Plus! Post-Race BEER!

Drew Mustari is a 18 year old young man who loves to play basketball.  He was diagnosed with Leukemiaa couple of years ago and is fighting to get his life back! Please help us support Drew and his family!

$25 donation per participant.

ALL proceeds go to assist Drew and his family.

REGISTER HERE for the 5K race

Post Race: Living The Dream Brewing will be supplying a post race beer to all participants 21 years and older plus additional taproom specials & raffle prizes after the race!

Date: October 16, 2016

Time: Race begins at 9am

Race Course:

Start & Finish will be at the soccer fields at Redstone Park in Highlands Ranch, CO. Mile 1 begins at the fields and circles around the eastern edge of park and then back toward Santa Fe. Mile 2 has a small hill that leads runners up and through the equestrian park of Spring Gulch Reservoir. Heading into the home stretch is a downhill out and around the eastern edge of the park and back to the baseball fields.

REGISTER HERE for the 5K race

 Come on people, let's run together, drink beer together & kick cancer's ass together.

Come on people, let's run together, drink beer together & kick cancer's ass together.

A letter from the Mustari Family:

Drew was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in May of 2015 with the just one month left of his Junior Year at Cherry Creek High School.

It has been a very hard road with 19 hospitalizations, numerous trips through the emergency dept and clinic visits for transfusions and more chemo than could be measured.  In January of 2016 he was diagnosed with Veno Occlusive Disease which can be fatal but with luck on Drew's side Children's Hospital was one of five hospitals in the US with a trial drug that saved his life. 

Through all of this Drew has stayed strong. He never complained even at his sickest. He made so many friends among the staff at Children's and was the Pied Piper to the kids on the floor. He played games with them, raced chairs, water fights and just sat with them when they needed it. He visits with all the nurses when he is at clinic. They have been known to argue about who his favorites are....

Drew will continue to visit the clinic for chemo every 28 days but if all goes well Drew he will complete the chemo protocol in September of 2018.  

In May of this year, Drew graduated from High School even though he never attended classes. He had amazing teachers that tutored him after their school day, teachers from Cherry Creek Schools Home/Hospital, teachers at school that made sure he completed his classes from home, teachers at Children's Hospital and his Counselor that all worked hard to help him complete school on time. 

Graduation day was so amazing with the support of all his friends, the students at Creek and all the staff cheering him on!

He has taken some time off of school to get stronger but is planning on starting college in January, 2017.

A struggle for Drew was missing his senior year of basketball. The players and coaches have been a huge support system for Drew this past year. His friends were always by his side.  They visited the hospital and our home. If he wasn't feeling well enough to go to his friends they came to him.

Our family has been so fortunate to have such a wonderful support system through this past year and a half of treatment. We live in an amazing, caring community.

We appreciate everything that all have you have done for us and for Drew. We pray that you will have good health and happiness for all your years and if that you are ever in need that we can help.

With all our love,

The Mustari Family

Andrea, Craig (Mouse), Sara and Drew