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On Draft @ the Taproom

- Week of July 17 - 

Gluten Reduced Beers  *GR

For more information on how we do this please scroll to the bottom of the page. Otherwise, just look for the *GR symbol in the beer list below.

We barrel age our glassware.

We barrel age our glassware.


Our tap handles are direct descendants of Hot Dog The Movie.

Our tap handles are direct descendants of Hot Dog The Movie.

No Filter Wheat

A light wheat ale fermented with Belgian yeast to add complexity.

Strawberry Summer Wheat

Local malt, summer white wheat, and a peck of real strawberries. Strawberry aroma, but subtle on the palate to confirm it is a beer first.

Lavender Saison  *GR

Local Root Shoot malted with premium lavender.  Floral, but not overpowering.  A great summer crusher!

Cherry Maguire Belgian Cherry *GR

Belgian ale with massive fresh cherry addition, moderate fruitiness without sweetness, finishes dry.

Belgian Brune *GR

Notes of dried fruits (figs/dates), creamy mouth feel, slightly sweet.

Plaid Pants Dry Irish Stout on Nitro *GR

Creamy mouth feel, dry finish, with a roasty malty flavor profile.

Plaid Pants Dry Irish Coffee Stout on Nitro *GR

Plaid Pants Stout infused with cold brewed NOVO espresso.

Helluva Caucasian Stout *GR

Stout modeled after a White Russian with a twist. Chocolate, vanilla beans, Novo espresso, and peanut butter.

3rd Place Pale Ale

Balanced, American pale ale, very dry and easy drinking.

Pull & Pray Series v.3 Anti-NE IPA *GR

In line with the current New England IPAs, but not designed to be cloudy/opaque.  The two hops together, Idaho 7 & Azacca, are very big on the tropical fruit aspect. 

Empty Trophy Case IPA   *GR

Dry hopped American style IPA with Simcoe, Meridian, & Zythos hops.

Ice Climber Imperial IPA *GR

Straight forward malt profile showcases citrus and tropical fruit hop flavors.

IIIPA Your Brains Out Triple IPA *GR

A massive triple IPA brewed with five different malts, over 11 pounds of hops per barrel, and hundreds of pounds of Colorado Wildflower honey.

Happy Leaf Kombucha

Orange Basil

What's Brewing?

  • Fireside Festivus is now in barrels for release next winter
  • Schüss Bomber Lager, Schwarzbier Black Lager, Hop Eating Grin Double IPA, Ice Climber Imperial IPA, Oktoberfest


Gluten...The malty white elephant in the room.

We dose all of our brews (except for wheat beers!) with the White Labs Clarity Ferm enzyme at a rate of 12 ml/barrel during fermentation. This dosing rate qualifies the brew for a "Gluten Reduced" label as it is projected to reduce the gluten in the final product to less than 10 ppm (parts per million).

For more information please read the  White Labs Spec Sheet located HERE